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Name/Link Description I N E H S T L B R
Khan Academy Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything -- for free I E
Academic Earth An Unparalleled Collection of Free Online Courses from the World's Top Universities I E
MIT OpenCourseWare Publishing All of MIT's Course Materials Online and Making them Widely Available to Everyone I E
TED Ideas Worth Spreading: Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world I EH ST LB R
Gapminder Fighting the most devastating Myths by building a Fact-Based World View that Everyone Understands I E T
Free Rice Earn for the United Nations World Food Program, while brushing up on Various Topics I E R
TED-Ed Lessons Worth Sharing E
Project Gutenberg Encouraging the Creation and Distribution of eBooks I E Helping You Find the Right Tutor in Minutes and Contact Them for Free! I E
TimeMaps An Interactive History Atlas and Timeline that lets you Navigate to any Era of History to Visit any Civilization, Nation or Empire I E
Duolingo Free Language Education for the World I E
Omniglot Writing Systems and Languages of the World I E
Endonym Map World Map of Country Names in Their Local Language I E
NationMaster World Statistics, Country Comparisons I E
English Maven Helping Students improve their English - One step at a time E
NASA Image and Video Library The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Searchable Video, Audio, and Imagery Library for the Public I E ST
OneZoom Tree of Life Explorer An Interactive Map of the Evolutionary Relationships between Life on our Planet E S
The Symphony Of Science Bringing Scientific Knowledge and Philosophy to the Public, in a Novel Way, through the Medium of Music E S Infographics and Data Visualizations Shifting the way People Find and Experience Stories, Creating a New Way of Seeing the World of Data I EH ST LB R
TheVisualMD Improving Health and Vitality by Empowering People to Visually Understand and Manage their Health EH
Ptable The Dynamic Periodic Table E S
WolframAlpha Making the World's Knowledge Computable E T
Singularity Hub The Future Is Here Today...Robots, Genetics, AI, Longevity, the Brain,... N H ST LB R
OurWorld 2.0 Sharing the Ideas and Actions of Citizens Around the World who are Transforming our Lives for the Better IN EH ST LB R
Popular Science The Future Now N H ST LB R
PBS Creating Content that Educates, Informs, and Inspires I EH ST LB R
NPR Creating a more informed public - one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures IN EH ST LB
VICE The Future of All Media IN EH R The World Is Thinking I EH ST LB R
FlowingData Exploring how Designers, Statisticians, and Computer Scientists are using Data to Understand Ourselves Better - Mainly through Data Visualization I EH ST LB R
Stand Up To Cancer Bringing together the Best and the Brightest in the Cancer Community, encouraging Collaboration instead of Competition IN H Providing Citizens and Journalists the Transparency Tools to Shine a Light on the Influence of Money on Politics N LB
PolitiFact Helping you find the truth in US politics N L
Project Vote Smart Where Conservatives and Liberals Join Together to Defend Citizens' Right to the Truth L Nonpartisan, Nonprofit "Consumer Advocate" for Voters that Aims to Reduce the Level of Deception and Confusion in U.S. Politics N LB
NASA Science Exploring Near and Far for the Benefit of All N E ST
New Scientist Reports, Explores and Interprets the Results of Human Endeavour Set in the Context of Society and Culture N H ST R
Science Daily Your Source for the Latest Research News N H ST Space, NASA Information & News N ST
EarthTechling Online Consumer Publication Focused on All Things Green Technology N ST LB R
Policy Innovations Highlighting the best new thinking on a fairer globalization IN ST LB R
Renewable Energy World Recognized and Trusted Source for Renewable Energy News and Information on the Internet IN ST B R
World News Delivering Breaking News from All Over the World IN
Reuters International Multimedia News Agency IN
The Big Picture News Stories in Photographs IN
National Geographic News Daily Nature and Science News IN S R
Aljazeera Providing Independent, Impartial News for an International Audience and Offering a Voice to a Diversity of Perspectives from Under-Reported Regions IN
Slashdot News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters N H ST LB R
Reddit (select topics) The Voice of the Internet - News Before It Happens IN EH ST LB R
AlterNet Creating Original Journalism and Amplifing the Best of Hundreds of Other Independent Media Sources IN LB R
Instructables A Web-Based Documentation Platform where Passionate People Share What They Do and How They Do It, and Learn from and Collaborate with Others E T
Make: Projects A New Way to Share DIY Projects Online for a Growing Maker Community that can Build, Create, Hack, Discover, Share, and Connect with Each Other E T
Thingiverse A Place for You to Share Your Digital Designs with the World T

Shortened Tag Meanings: I = International Focus, N = News Source, E = Educational Focus, H = Health Focus, S = Scientific Focus, T = Technological Focus, L = Legal Focus, B = Business Focus, R = Focus on Resources (Food, Water, Energy, Minerals, etc.)

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Recommended Rediculousness

Warning: most contain some Mature Content
Name Description Link
George Carlin Comedian
Richard Pryor Comedian
Bill Hicks Comedian
Lenny Bruce Comedian
Louis C.K. Comedian
Stephen Fry Comedian
Russell Brand Comedian
Lewis Black Comedian
Tim Minchin Comedian
The Daily Show Comedy News Show
Penn & Teller's BS Comedic Topical Show BS on
That Mitchell and Webb Look Sketch Comedy Show