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Causes for Humanity

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Name/Link Description I N E H S T L B R
Direct Relief International Healthy People. Better World. Since 1948 IN H R
PATH Envisioning a World where Health is Within Reach for Everyone IN H
Doctors Without Borders Bringing Quality Medical Care to People in Crisis Regardless of their Race, Religion, or Political Affiliation I H
Engineers Without Borders - International Partnering with Disadvantaged Communities to Improve their Quality of Life through Education and Implementation of Sustainable Engineering Projects I EH ST R
Engineers Without Borders - USA Designing and Implementing Sustainable Engineering Projects, while Creating Transformative Experiences and Responsible Leaders I EH ST R
Khan Academy Watch. Practice. Learn almost anything -- for free I E
MIT OpenCourseWare Publishing All of MIT's Course Materials Online and Making them Widely Available to Everyone I E
CAST - Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking Assisting Persons Trafficked for the Purpose of Forced Labor and Slavery-like Practices and to Work Toward Ending All Instances of Such Human Rights Violations I H LB
Village Reach Improving Access to Healthcare for Remote, Underserved Communities Around the World I H
PSI - Population Services International Improving the Health of the Poor and Vulnerable in the Developing World IN H
Pratham Every Child in School and Learning Well I E
e-Nable A Global Network Of Volunteers using 3D Printing to Create and Design Assistive Hand Devices for Those in Need I H T
Room to Read World Change Starts with Educated Children I E
Project Gutenberg Encouraging the Creation and Distribution of eBooks I E
Ryan's Well Foundation Delivering Access to Safe Water and Sanitation as an Essential Way to improve the Lives of People in the Developing World I H R
Electronic Frontier Foundation Defending Your Rights in the Digital World IN T LB
Freedom of the Press Foundation Dedicated to Helping Support and Defend Public-Interest Journalism Focused on Exposing Mismanagement, Corruption, and Law-Breaking in Government IN LB
Mayday PAC Help Us Reduce the Influence of Money in Politics! LB
Rootstrikers Fighting the Corrupting Influence of Money in Politics LB
Common Cause Holding Power Accountable LB
Donors Choose An Online Charity Connecting You to Classrooms in Need I E
World Food Programme Fighting Hunger Worldwide I R
PNHP - Physicians for a National Health Program Advocating for a Universal, Comprehensive Single-payer National Health Program N EH L
LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Reducing the multitude of Unintended Harmful Consequences resulting from fighting the War on Drugs and lessening the Incidence of Death, Disease, Crime, and Addiction by ending Drug Prohibition I H L
Human Rights Watch Standing with Victims and Activists to prevent Discrimination, to uphold Political Freedom, to protect people from Inhumane Conduct in Wartime, and to bring offenders to Justice IN L
Amnesty International A Global Movement of People Fighting Injustice and Promoting Human Rights IN L
The Planetary Society Creating a Better Future by Exploring Other Worlds and Understanding Our Own E ST Bringing Human-Centered Design to the People Who Need It Most — Those Facing Poverty Every Day I EH ST R
LIFESAVER Systems Working to End Water Poverty I H R
Open Source Ecology Increasing Innovation by Open Collaboration I E T R
Open Building Institute Making Affordable, Ecological Housing Accessible to Everyone I E T R
Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies A Center for Voices arguing for a Responsible, Constructive, Ethical Approach to the Most Powerful Emerging Technologies IN H ST L
charity: water Bringing Clean, Safe Drinking Water to People in Developing Countries I R
World Community Grid Creating the World's Largest Public Computing Grid to Tackle Projects that Benefit Humanity I H ST R
GiveWell In-depth Charity Research I B
Charity Navigator Working to guide Intelligent Giving I B
Kiva Connecting People through Lending to Alleviate Poverty I B
Globus Relief Partnering with other Charities, Corporations and Governments working to Improve the Delivery of Healthcare Across the World I H
Against Malaria Foundation Ensuring Nets are Put Over Heads and Beds I H
ReSurge International Reconstructive Surgery for the World's Poor since 1969 I EH
Stop TB Partnership Realizing the Goal of Eliminating TB as a Public Health Problem and, Ultimately, to Obtain a World Free of TB I H
Centre for Vision in the Developing World Dedicated to addressing the lack of proper eyecare in the developing world IN H
American Cancer Society Dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major Health Problem H
American Heart Association Building Healthier Lives, free of Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke H
American Diabetes Association Working to prevent and cure Diabetes and to improve the Lives of all People affected by Diabetes H
American Lung Association Working to Save Lives by improving Lung Health and preventing Lung Disease through Education, Advocacy and Research H
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Dedicated to improving the Quality of Life for People with Asthma and Allergic diseases through Education, Advocacy and Research H
NAMI - the National Alliance on Mental Illness Building Better Lives for the Millions of Americans Affected by Mental Illness H
Deki Change a Life with a Loan I B
Vittana Helping Young People Around the World get Access to Higher Education for the First Time I E
Samasource Giving Dignified, Digital Work to Marginalized People Around the World I E T B
One Laptop Per Child Empowering the World's Poorest Children through Education I E T
The National Space Society Promoting Social, Economic, Technological, and Political Change in order to Expand Civilization Beyond Earth, to Settle Space and to Use the Resulting Resources to Build a Hopeful and Prosperous Future for Humanity I E ST LB R
sOccket Addressing Issues of Global Importance while Injecting More Joy into Each Day I H T R
Gapminder Fighting the Most Devastating Myths by Building a Fact-Based World View that Everyone Understands I E T
The Sunlight Foundation Making Government Accountable and Transparent I LB
The Center for Responsive Politics A Research Group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on Elections and Public Policy LB Providing Citizens and Journalists the Transparency Tools to Shine a Light on the Influence of Money on Politics N LB
Project Vote Smart Where Conservatives and Liberals Join Together to Defend Citizens' Right to the Truth L Nonpartisan, Nonprofit "Consumer Advocate" for Voters that Aims to Reduce the Level of Deception and Confusion in U.S. Politics N LB
The Other 98% Making Democracy work for the rest of us N LB
The Open Source Democracy Foundation Committed to improving government by harnessing the Internet as a tool for Education and Advocacy E T LB
American Civil Liberties Union Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself N LB
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation All Lives Have Equal Value I EH ST R
The Carter Center Advancing Human Rights and Alleviating Suffering I EH B
American Red Cross Expanding Its Services, Always with the Aim of Preventing and Relieving Suffering I H R
Human Rights Campaign Envisioning a US where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People are ensured Equality and embraced as Full Members of the Family at Home, at Work and in every Community N L
KIPP - Knowledge Is Power Program National Network of Free, Open-Enrollment, College-Preparatory Public Schools (USA) E
Incredible Years Programs for Reducing Children's Aggression and Behavior Problems and Increasing Social Competence at Home and at School I EH
Nurse-Family Partnership Helping First Time Parents Succeed (USA) EH
The Conservation Fund The US's Partner in Conservation N R
Food & Water Watch Ensuring the Food and Water we consume is Safe, Accessible and Sustainably Produced N H LB R
SocialVibe What's Your Cause? I E B
Sparked The Microvolunteering Network I B
Catchafire Give What You're Good At I B
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Saving America's Health by changing the Way People Eat EH
Scholarship America Making Postsecondary Education Possible for All Students E
The Bridge Tech Teachers, Project Managers, Engineers, Technology Lovers and Working Professionals who want to prepare Students for the Workforce or their Academic Careers E T B

Shortened Tag Meanings: I = International Focus, N = News Feed, E = Educational Focus, H = Health Focus, S = Scientific Focus, T = Technological Focus, L = Legal Focus, B = Business Focus, R = Focus on Resources (Food, Water, Energy, Minerals, etc.)

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