The UOAH - The Universal Organization for the Advancement of Humanity ( )

Various Ideas for a Free and Healthy Society

I know this section is extra scattershot and some of the ideas are overly simplified or vauge. The whole UOAH site basically started with an early version of this list. This page (plus most of the site) is due for some updates. I know, and will be getting to those as I can.

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Education = Educational Focus,
Health = Health Focus,
Mobility = Mobility Focus,
Technology = Technological Focus,
Law = Legal Focus,
Business = Business Focus,
Resources = Resource Focus (Food, Water, Energy, Minerals, etc.)
• Separate Church and State
• Separate Corporate Influence from State
• Eliminate Laws of Prohibition
• Eliminate Laws Regulating Lifestyle
 (As long as it doesn't Abuse, Violate, or Infringe on the Rights of Others)
• Law Should Protect the Rights and Well-Being of All People (In that Order)
• Invest Time and Money in creating Quality Flexible Infrastructures
• Addiction is a Social and Psychological Problem, not a Criminal One
• Elected Offices Should Receive a Minimal Living Wage with Periodic Voter Decided Bonuses
• Voting Districts Periodically Updated by Population/Geography Based Algorithm
• Various Online and Offline Voting Options
• Clear Unbiased Party, Bill, Department, and Law Names/Descriptors
• Either No Parties or at least three stable Parties for Healthy Balance and Variety
• Term Limits for all Elected Offices
• Student Success Tracker for Long Term Teacher Rewards
• Patient Quality of Life and Long Life Doctor Rewards
• No One Can Own the Rights to Other Living Things
• Encourage use of Public Spaces for Exercise, Art, Social Gathering, Temporary Refuge
• Local Artists chosen by Local Voting or Lotteries to decorate Public Walls and other spaces
• Single Stream Recycling with Reduction, Reuse, and Re-purposing
• Retest for Driving every couple of Decades or So
• If you wish to secure your Financial Future, you should do so by Updating your Business Model, not by Manipulating the Legal System
• More Money should mean more access to Luxuries, Commodities, and more Buying Power in the Market. Political Sway should not be on the Market
• When those with Less Money or Power make Bad Decisions it usually impacts themselves the most, and possibly some of their Family or Community. When those with more Money or Power make Bad Decisions it is much more likely to impact Multitudes of People throughout the World
• Shift Taxation emphasis toward Sales and away from Income
• Eliminate Government Mandated Corporate Middlemen
• If People are well taken care of, then so are the Organizations and Corporations which are simply Groups of those People
• Actually Pay All Workers at least the Minimum Wage
• Locking the Addicted away in Prisons is very similar to how Previous Generations Locked the Mentally Unbalanced away in Sanitariums
• Use a Mixed Variety of Power Options including Human Generated Power
• If a Driver is Reckless or Impaired the important Issue is that they were Driving Irresponsibly and shouldn't have been behind the wheel, regardless of the Cause
• Tax Deductible Help Pay Back the Debt Incentive Program