The UOAH - The Universal Organization for the Advancement of Humanity ( )

Education, Innovation, Discussion, and Action
in order to create a Healthy Future for All People

Welcome! You've found the UOAH, but what is it about?

The UOAH (The Universal Organization for the Advancement of Humanity) is currently a one man (That's me, Robert. Hey there!), non-partisan, non-religious, private humanitarian organization. It has been created to bring attention to issues affecting the world around us, issues causing oppression and illness today, and issues holding back humanity's potential for tomorrow.

Encouragement of education, health, and global awareness is the major objective of the UOAH. Other aims include advocating for the forgotten and the in need, gathering information and ideas, and stimulating innovation, discussion, and action.


The UOAH believes that all people should have the opportunity to live and to learn. Instead of fighting and judging one another, we can use our time and energy to make the world healthier for the coming generations. We have the ability to use our advancements and resources in ways that could lead Humanity into a future we can all believe in.

I'm trying to keep this site as simple as possible for the obvious logistical and ease of creation issues, but also for universality, ease in translation, clarity, and to get as many ideas and as much information out there as possible while using the least amount of your bandwidth as possible. A lot of the site is due for updates. I know, and will be getting to all of that as I can.

If the organization generates revenue, a portion will be donated to various causes whose works are relevant to the UOAH and its goals.

If you know of a cause or resource that might be of interest, have an idea for a resource you'd like to see, have spotted some sort of mistake, or wish to share your thoughts, you can email me (

You can connect with the UOAH on Facebook and Reddit. If you wish to help support the UOAH, you can check out the Donations Page.